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We will offer complete package of web site hosing like domain name booking, 'hosting space' booking, designing and uploading your site. You need to send us all data and pictures which will be uploaded in your website & also mention approx design patterns, whether this will be a static or interactive website (interactive sites cost more). We may converse or share discussions on email at . If you wish to upload your site by yourself then we shall provide you with all the files that we had prepared.

You have to send us all the required data and pictures that you wish to upload to your site page - usually 3 to 25 pages and cost of preparing pages will depend upon two things- (1) number of pages and (2) static/ dynamic pages you wish to have. Pricing will also depend upon other web services that you wish to enjoy though your website.

 Generally, we charge for a 3/ 4 page website, Indian rupees 3,000/-. After that depending upon number of pages, design, making a dynamic website, etc. it will cost you from Indian rupees 5,000/- to 25,000/- and after receiving all details from your end (data/pictures and page details, etc) we shall start preparing and designing your website that usually  takes around 5/7 days of time.

Surely we shall discuss about designing your website by providing you some visual example/ sample.

 Further, you may refer your website to your customers to know details about your business, check pictures of your products/services, etc and therefore, you need not send letters/ leaflets/ booklets or talk to your customers to understand your products, costs, etc. again and again.

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